Saturday, October 8, 2011

Joining the ranks of the 99 percent

I visited the Occupy Wall Street protests today and liked what I saw. I am not generally a protesty sort of person, but this particular effort seems directed at the right people for the right reasons. There was an awful lot of good energy, both on Wall Street and in Washington Square. I'm in.

I did, however, see an awful lot of terrible, terrible sign-making skills. With so much economic injustice in this world, so much misdirection and misinformation, there are any number of compelling arguments that actually do fit on a bumper sticker. I've decided to make a few.

I'm a designer. I make things. I like to give things away. I'm going to make some nice designs and post them for anyone to print, by uploading PDFs. I'm also going to make some prints and take them down to the parks myself. Talk to me on Twitter, where I'm @Among99Percent.

I have ideas and tips about communicating through print, Internet and media, which I'll get into when I've had some sleep. In the meantime, here's my first effort at a logo-ish sort of thing, which I created for my Twitter icon. The "We are the 99%" rallying cry of the protesters is a great, simple hook. The American flag below is made of 100 squares. The one little money-green oddball in the lower right represents those who control 34.6% of all of the wealth in America. The red, white and blue squares represent the rest of us.

Let's make this world better.

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